Welcome and Thank You To Our Girls in Technology Mentors!

By Jenny Oh.


Hello, my name is Jenny Oh, and I am returning for the 3rd year as Chair of the Girls in Technology Mentor Protégé Program in Virginia.

I thank you all for your interest in being a mentor to young girls who are looking to learn from your experiences in the STEM fields.  And from the bottom of my heart thank you to our 27 repeat mentors! <3

Each year I am amazed by the protégés and their impressive talents and ambitions.  But it is still a challenging and uncertain point in their lives, where every little bit of advice, every ounce of your wisdom and guidance truly helps to shape their future success in STEM.   I felt the magic of GIT when I joined in 2013, and the magic is still very much there for me.  I am so inspired by how one mentors experience can provide confidence and courage to a protégé, and how one protégés dreams can reignite passion in our hearts.

My own personal development comes from many mentors and members of the community.  In a way, I continue to learn from both the mentors and protégés in the GIT program.  I hope that collectively we can make a great impact on those around us and help shape the next generation of girls, and the next version of ourselves.

I truly thank you all for your commitment to Girls in Technology. Let’s make 2015-2016 STEMtastic!


Jenny Oh

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