Recap From Sharing Our Success: Inspiring and Teaching Young Girls






.By Adria Ivkovic

At the Sharing Our Success event by WIT, girls had the opportunity to explore different exhibits and hear about the success of four women in the STEM field. Walking into the AT&T building venue, you got a professional conference-like vibe; all attendees were treated as professionals and adults.

Students making slime.

In the first section of the event, girls visited different exhibitions, which included activities or demonstrations, from companies, schools, and organizations related to STEM. A favorite exhibit was the Rosie Riveters station. Rosie Riveters teaches girls ages 4 to 14 about STEM and the importance of having the confidence to try. Founder Brittany Greer was helping girls make magnetic slime while teaching about its properties and functions. Girls from Braddock Elementary School’s robotics team showcased what they have been learning about robotics and programing. All children present emphasized that they loved the program and wish other elementary school girls had the same program as their school does. Ashley (one of the girls teaching about the parts) said that she is excited to be a part of the robotics team and what they are doing “can help the world”.

Susan Burke moderated a panel discussion with speakers Natalie Revord, Charity Wallace, and Sandra Morales-Hermann. I loved how encouraging and supportive of the STEM field they were and the strong message of never giving up and trying your hardest at everything, not only in the STEM field, in your life as well. What they all love about working in the STEM field every day is the ability to always be learning something new and never doing the same thing every day. Talking to an attendee Rachel Jackson after the event, she told me that she has never been to one of these events before but will “definitely come again because it was so great”. I am sure that every girl there will be keeping there eyes trained on their inboxes to see the next SOS event to learn even more about the field we all love. The event gave off the aura of inspiration that was flowing through the girls as they left and chatted about all of the exciting things they saw and learned that night.

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