Q&A with GIT Alumna: Katrina Cooley

GIT Alumna Katrina Cooley

What college did you choose and why?
The United States Coast Guard Academy. I want to serve my country through the Coast Guard’s Tactical Law Enforcement Teams (the deployable coast guard boarding assets that go to the Middle East). The Coast Guard also offers a lot more opportunities for women. TACLET is the Coast Guard’s version of Special Forces and it is open to women. The Coast Guard also allows you to experience tons of different jobs while you are in. The Academy is the best place to ensure you are prepared for a career in the Coast Guard.

What is your major, and how did you choose it?
I am a Civil Engineering major. I loved my engineering class in high school, and my favorite part was building bridges. At the Academy we all have to take Statics and Engineering Design 4c (freshman) year, and the teachers really sold me on the major. Being a Civil Engineer also opens up the Civil Engineering field in the Coast Guard, even though that is not something I want to do right away, it might be nice to try later on.

How did GIT prepare you for college?
Even more so than at a normal college, I am surrounded by guys. My school has a really low percentage of females, especially those in a STEM field. GIT gave me a lot more confidence and also taught me how to interact with guys a lot better. Now when I go into a lab with one other girl I am not nervous of how the guys will act.

What college experience or tips would you give to current GIT girls?
Find your group of people you want to be a part of. Really connect to your community. If you are an engineer join Society for Women Engineers. Just get involved. For the academy these are the people you are going to work with for the next 9+ years, so you might as well get to know them now.

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