Q&A with GIT Alumna: Giselle Chavez

What college did you choose and why?

I chose the University of Oklahoma because I fell in love with the campus, and the people. Also, it is one of the top schools for my major.

What was your major, and how did you choose it?

I chose Petroleum Engineering because I love a challenge and I love the classes overall.

How did GIT prepare you for college?

GIT got me motivated for college and that motivation made my first year of college very successful. Also, it provided motivation to get involved on campus and it helped me continue to empower women in STEM related majors. This motivation helped me become President of a major related student organization the Spring of my Freshmen year.

Are there any other college experience/tips you want to extend to current GIT girls?

Mistakes are bound to happen in college. Maybe you will forget to turn in an assignment, maybe you will have a very hard break up, maybe you fail an exam. Even if all of those things happen, just remember that life goes on. There will always be another day to start over and make it better.


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