Problem Solving, Setting Goals is Crucial for Success in STEAM Fields

By Anika Lalmansingh.

Final 2 smallDuring the MD session on February 18th, we addressed the topics of problem solving (an essential part of a successful STEAM career) and goal setting (the starting point for all of life’s accomplishments).

Problem Solving
Solving for X. Carmen Radelat, Maryland Program Chair, challenged the protégés with the idea that many great innovations have come from individuals who sought a solution for a problem or idea. This was highlighted by a video in which a 15-year old from Sierra Leon taught himself how to make batteries in order to power lights for local homes. A true innovator who solved for X!

Jane Lovas, CEO Lovas Consulting
Jane Lovas, CEO Lovas Consulting

Goal Setting
What are S.M.A.R.T. goals? They are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound; making them concrete and achievable. With this as the framework, Irene Lane, Founder of Greenloans and GIT Steering Committee Member, introduced the protégés to Jane Lovas, CEO of Lovas Consulting.

As a business therapist, Ms. Lovas has made a career of coaching business owners and entrepreneurs through challenges and helping them set S.M.A.R.T. goals to create healthy organizations. Some of the highlights from her discussion with the protégés were that:

  • It is best to set goals for no more than 3-5years; and they are easier to accomplish if broken down into 90 day segments.
  • By setting goals in the 7 major areas of their lives: career, education, community outreach, finances, family/friends, travel, and health; protégés can create a more integrated and full life.
  • In order for a goal to be worth achieving it should be so big that you need advice from others, and never be afraid to abandon a goal that is no longer what you want or need.
A protégé shares her personal mission statement
A protégé shares her personal mission statement

Ms. Lovas finished her discussion by offering advice to a few brave protégés who volunteered to share their personal mission statements with her and the group.  Through her probing questions, Ms. Lovas emphasized the distinction between a vision (a large idea that may never be realized), a mission (the activity done to support the vision), and a goal (the specific steps taken to accomplish the mission).

Your challenge
Set a 90 day goal in at least 4 of the seven areas (career, education, community outreach, finances, family/friends, travel, and health) that Ms. Lovas discussed and tell us about them.

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