Meet Young Entrepreneur Alexis Pak

By Sue Brady.

At only 17, Alexis is already an entrepreneur. She has started several businesses, is on three different sports teams at her magnet school, takes various AP classes, and has received an appointment to the Naval Academy. If she attends, she plans to study aeronautical engineering, and become a fighter pilot.

Alexis has participated in the Girls in Technology Mentor Protégé Program for three years. One of the first speakers she had the opportunity to listen to through the program was Princess Aliyah Pandolfi, the Executive Director of Kashmir World Foundation. Aliyah talked about how she created a drone to be used in the South African bush to catch poachers. This really inspired Alexis to take action and make her mark on the world.

We talked about Alexis’ current business venture. She and her best friend came together and started a non-profit company called Impact Dye. They sell tie dye apparel that they make themselves. All of the profits go to the Malala Fund. So far, Alexis and her business partner Jordan have donated $2,000 to the fund.

I asked her what she likes most about Girls in Technology. She said that the number one thing has been making new friends (also known as networking). “Girls in Technology took me out of my comfort zone by encouraging me to approach strangers at the events and talk to them.” She told me she learned how to look someone in the eye and give a proper handshake. She also learned how to comfortably ask women at Girls in Technology’s STEM events about their careers.

Through Girls in Technology, Alexis has met several successful women in STEM fields whom she is keeping in touch with. She understands the value of having those STEM contacts, because you never know when someone might be helpful one day when you are applying for a job.

Alexis is going places and is sure to continue to make an impact.

Check out Impact Dye ( and make a purchase for a worthy cause!


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