Marisa Kazmierczak Wins Girls In Technology Architect Scholarship Experience

Customized experience gives Marisa a unique taste of being an architect.

Marisa Kazmierczak, a 6th grader at JL Simpson Middle School in Leesburg, Virginia is the winner of a Girls in Technology scholarship experience for her career aspirations essay. This award is made possible by the Women in Technology Education Foundation, the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center of Virginia Tech and Ritter Norton Architects. “The mission of Girls in Technology is to engage and inspire girls to pursue Science, Technology, MarisaKazmierczakEngineering, and Math (STEM) subjects. Our unique scholarship experience shows them technologies and career paths they might not otherwise discover” said Whitney Vickrey, Chair of Girls in Technology.

Becoming An Architect
In her essay, Marisa explained that her interest in architecture began in fifth grade when she learned how to design buildings to withstand an earthquake, support weights, and meet all five of the essential understandings of structures. She also credits playing the very popular Minecraft game in which she built all kinds of structures. Her confidence grew from building a high school, a mansion and a hospital that other players got to explore, use and give her feedback.  Marisa believes her love of math and art will help her become a great architect.

What the Experience Has In Store
Marisa’ experience was customized to provide her with priceless insight on the educational journey and a day in the life of an architect. Her day will begin with a visit to the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center of Virginia Tech where she will receive a private tour of the design studios. Marisa will have an opportunity to interact with the students and see what they have designed in the architecture program. Following the visit to the studio, she will tour a local architecture firm and see what a typical day is like for an architect. Marisa will also have the opportunity to ask questions and gain invaluable insight in her journey to becoming an architect.

Juana, Marisa’s mother broke the news to her. “We are so honored that Marisa was selected for this award and that you have put together such a wonderful program for her. This will undoubtedly provide her with excellent insight into the world of architects. When I told her about what you had arranged, she literally jumped in the air in excitement.”

Community Support
Cheryl Chang, a volunteer with Girls in Technology worked with Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center of Virginia Tech and Ritter Norton Architects to customize the scholarship experience for Marisa. Girls In Technology (GIT) thanks their generous alliance partners, Women in Technology and the Women in Technology Education Foundation. Without their support, GIT would not be able to make such a difference in the lives of girls and young women in the greater Washington DC area. Learn more about Girls in Technology and Scholarship Experience Opportunities.

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